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About us: mining and energy

Energy Bureau offers consultancy services and data on the mining and energy sectors in Australia.


Australia is a major producer and exporter of a wide range of mining and energy products, including iron-ore, coal, natural gas, uranium, gold, nickel, copper, zinc, lead, bauxite and alumina (feedstocks for aluminium), mineral sands and lithium.

We see a good future for Australia’s resources sector.

This includes coal and natural gas, notwithstanding government support for a steady increase in the role of renewables in electricity generation and other aspects of the energy system. The reasons?

First, Australia is the world’s largest exporter of metallurgical coal (used in steel production), the second-largest exporter of thermal coal (used in electricity generation) and among the top three exporters of liquefied natural gas.

This export strength is highly likely to continue, whatever government policies are in place on renewables.

Second, coal is the lowest-cost source of reliable, low-cost electricity for over 80% of the Australian population. Natural gas is more expensive than coal for electricity generation, renewables can only supply intermittent electricity and there is as yet no commercial nuclear power in Australia. Even if nuclear power is accepted (an issue of ongoing debate in Australia), the first nuclear plant will not be in place before the mid-2030s.

In short, coal and natural gas are likely to be important in Australia until at the least the 2040s – and possibly well beyond.


Our consultancy experience covers working with Australian and overseas companies, notably suppliers, consultants and contractors servicing the mining and/or energy sectors. Details of our experience can be provided separately.


Data we offer typically consists of directories and special reports on different aspects of mining and energy in Australia.

Our current offer: directories on coal mines and coal power plants in Australia (see the next section for details).